Tell Virginia Democratic leaders: No Dirty Fossil Money!

Add your name: tell the leaders of the Virginia Democratic Party to support a ban on political contributions from Dominion Power and other fossil-fuel companies.


To: Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslow, House Minority Leader David Toscano, Virginia Democratic Party Chairwoman Susan Swecker:


There’s a lot of work ahead if we are to have a truly clean Democratic Party that can effectively oppose the fossil-fueled agenda of Trump’s Republicans. In Virginia, we’re going to have to get our state Democratic Party to turn off the Dominion Power dirty-money pipeline.

Virginia is lagging behind its neighboring states on the renewable revolution because of Dominion’s influence-peddling. And now politicians on the Dominion payroll are supporting the fracked-gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline projects.

It’s crucial that the Virginia Democratic Party knows that climate hawks all over the nation will support a decision to ban corrupting political money.

Add your name: tell the leaders of the Virginia Democratic Party to support a ban on political contributions from Dominion Power and other fossil-fuel companies.

Your fellow climate hawk,

RL Miller

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    Heide Catherina Coppotelli
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    Jennie Thompson
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    Sign the petition: VA Oil Money
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  • Michele Carrella
    signed 2017-04-14 09:29:27 -0700
    Look at the example set in California with the use of renewable energy. Solar and wind power initiatives have proven to lower the overall cost of electricity in a relatively short time given the proper support of growth. If our power grids are aptly updated to handle the increased load properly then the excess power can be resold cheaper to the third party out of state electricity providers at reduced cost as well. The key component is to not continue to gouge the consumer or any customer for that matter while placing shareholders concerns above constituent concerns as is currently entrenched within state government politics ,with Florida being the worst on the East coast . Just my 2 cents based on public information available .
  • Madalene Zale
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    Laura H Wheeler
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    signed 2017-04-14 09:28:57 -0700 website register[homeles] the property of 6310 three chopt road richmond va 23226p[dmv court-fines A64206275] 8044260370 urgent request attention
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    We must wean ourselves off fossil fuels and prevent degradation of our wild lands by uneccessary, profit-driven infrastructure. Please take a stand.
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