Tell Virginia Democratic leaders: No Dirty Fossil Money!

Add your name: tell the leaders of the Virginia Democratic Party to support a ban on political contributions from Dominion Power and other fossil-fuel companies.


To: Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslow, House Minority Leader David Toscano, Virginia Democratic Party Chairwoman Susan Swecker:


There’s a lot of work ahead if we are to have a truly clean Democratic Party that can effectively oppose the fossil-fueled agenda of Trump’s Republicans. In Virginia, we’re going to have to get our state Democratic Party to turn off the Dominion Power dirty-money pipeline.

Virginia is lagging behind its neighboring states on the renewable revolution because of Dominion’s influence-peddling. And now politicians on the Dominion payroll are supporting the fracked-gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipeline projects.

It’s crucial that the Virginia Democratic Party knows that climate hawks all over the nation will support a decision to ban corrupting political money.

Add your name: tell the leaders of the Virginia Democratic Party to support a ban on political contributions from Dominion Power and other fossil-fuel companies.

Your fellow climate hawk,

RL Miller

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    Linda Purkey
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    Mary K Korslund
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  • Barbara Amalfi
    signed 2017-04-14 10:42:02 -0700
    Regardless of whether or not Trump wishes to do away with all climate regulations so that the rich may get richer, you KNOW that continuing to allow the burning of fossil fuels is destroying the human race along with all other life on this, the only planet we have. Even if a planet similar to ours with an atmosphere which might support life has recently been found, it is 39 LIGHT YEARS away from Earth. If we ever develop the technology to get there – even if we found out that it definitely would support human life and that there wasn’t already life on said planet – we could not do so prior to the extinction of our race by global warming if it is not stopped now. Even if Ebon Musk is working towards a possible colony on Mars by the 2030s, that is not a viable possibility to save our planet and the life thereon either. If politicians are relying on either possibility as opposed to a real solution, we are all doomed – most likely within the next 100 years according to climate scientists. Please do the RIGHT thing and ban contributions by oil and other fossil fuel companies to your election campaigns – directly and via PACs.
  • Linda Morton
    signed 2017-04-14 10:41:51 -0700
    Linda Morton
  • Scott Sando
    signed 2017-04-14 10:41:34 -0700
    Any corporate money in ANY election is dirty money. Coming from the fossil fuel corporations, that money is filthy beyond words.

    We need a ballot initiative to reverse Citizen United.
  • David Dunning
    signed 2017-04-14 10:41:12 -0700
  • Amy Schumacher
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    amy schumacher
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    Jno Hunt
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    Walter Pirie
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