Tell Congress: Rejoin the Paris Agreement

One of the first actions from the Trump administration was pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords -- a slap in the face of the American people. Now, with Democrats in the majority of the House, we have an opportunity to be proactive and pass a resolution to rejoin the Paris Agreement.  

Sign the petition today and ask Congress to reaffirm America’s leadership on climate.

Petition Text:

Demand that your representative cosponsor H.Res. 15 to rejoin the Paris Agreement!

I write today to urge you to support H.Res. 15 as a cosponsor. Our community and country’s future depend upon leaders like you recommitting the United States to true global leadership on climate. Rejoining the Paris Agreement will reestablish America’s role as part of a global community -- and H.Res. 15 will help keep climate as a top priority political issue in the run up to the November 2020 election.


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