Twitter Party!

Do you have a twitter account? Join us Thursday, August 9 for a twitter party from 10 AM til noon!

  • Use hashtag #ActOnSB100
  • Follow @RightToZero from 10 to 11 AM for the twitter chat and chime in!
  • Tweet and retweet from 11 AM til noon!
  • Can’t join us 10 til noon? Check out #ActOnSB100 later in the day and retweet your favorite tweets!
  • Here’s a graphic to download and share:

And here are some Assemblymembers to tweet thanks and positive messages:
Jim Wood - 2, North Coast @JimWoodAD2
Marc Levine - 10, Marin County @MarcLevine
Susan Eggman - 13, Stockton @AsmSusanEggman
]David Chiu - 17, San Francisco @DavidChiu
Bill Quirk - 20, South East Bay @AsmBillQuirk
Ash Kalra - 27, San Jose @Ash_Kalra
Mark Stone - 29, Monterey @AsmMarkStone
Chris Holden - 41, Pasadena @ChrisHoldenNews
Laura Friedman - 43, Burbank-Glendale @laurafriedman43
Jesse Gabriel - 45, West SFV @AsmGabriel
Eloise Gomez Reyes - 47, San Bernadino @AsmReyes47
Miguel Santiago - 53, DTLA @SantiagoAD53
Autumn Burke - 62, Inglewood @AsmAutumnBurke
Al Muratsuchi - 66, South Bay @AMuratsuchi
Todd Gloria - 78, San Diego coast @AsmToddGloria
Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher - 80, Chula Vista @LorenaAD80
Phil Ting - 19, San Francisco @PhilTing * U&E yes vote

Sample positive messages — but please rephrase in your own words:

  • Huge thanks to [@twitterhandle] for leading the way to a California powered by 100% wind 💨 solar 🌞 & other #cleanenergy! Our communities that bear the impacts of fossil fuels must have access to local healthy clean energy. #CALeg, finish the job and #ActOnSB100!
  • Cheers to [@twitterhandle] who is leading the way to a 100% #cleanenergy future with support for #SB100! CA is #Readyfor100 and it’s time for #CALeg to move us forward. #ActOnSB100

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