Tell Trump’s science adviser: do your job!

President Trump clearly doesn’t understand, or want to understand, the existential threat climate change poses to our country and planet. Republican leadership and fossil fuel lobbyists are complicit in a decades-long con game to deceive the American people on the hard truth of global warming.

Kelvin Droegemeier's job as a scientific adviser is to present the administration with accurate information and data. If he is not correcting the misinformation when his boss states that winter storms somehow prove climate change is a hoax, then he is NOT doing his job.

The climate crisis is scientifically proven to be driven by humanity and our industries increasing our carbon footprint. The scientific consensus is clear. Droegemeier's job is to tell the president exactly what meaningful action to solve this crisis would look like. We need a massive sea change in policy to avoid calamity.

He must do his job to gather and present accurate data on climate change. If he doesn't, he will be just one more cog in the system orchestrating a deception the likes of which this nation has not seen since big tobacco.


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Kelvin Droegemeier, science adviser to Trump: Do your job and advise him on climate science!


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  • Kathleen Fortin
    signed 2019-03-14 11:10:31 -0700
    Why has this not been happening. Do your job Now 🙏
  • Alexandra Moore
    signed 2019-03-14 11:10:28 -0700
  • Jana Hobbs
    signed 2019-03-14 11:10:21 -0700
    Jana Hobbs
  • Kathy MacDougall
    signed 2019-03-14 11:10:20 -0700
  • Thomas moseley
    signed 2019-03-14 11:10:00 -0700
  • Alan Gierke
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:54 -0700
    Alan Gierke
  • Sam Farmer
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:50 -0700
  • Mike Schneider
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:49 -0700
  • Frank Smith
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:38 -0700
  • Sherry Halbrook
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:28 -0700
    You have entered this position of great responsibility at the most crucial moment in history. You can choose to be wise, courageous and heroic, or you can be another political hack selling out his country. Only you also would be selling out your species and your planet.

    A wise president once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” No one has faced greater heat than you face now, and if you fail, we may all be forced to get off of the planet whether we deserve to go or not.
  • B B
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:27 -0700
  • Joanne Pifer
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:26 -0700
  • Esther David
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:23 -0700
  • John Boyd
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:21 -0700
  • Kara Powers
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:12 -0700
  • Jason Carlisle
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:09 -0700
  • William Weaver
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:09 -0700
    William Weaver
  • Erin
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:06 -0700
  • Paul Mc Cullough
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:02 -0700
  • Monica Winston
    signed 2019-03-14 11:09:01 -0700
    Climate change is real and needs immediate attention….. please step up!
  • Jessie Casteel
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:59 -0700
  • Peter Greene
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:57 -0700
  • Kyle Crocker
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:55 -0700
    400 years of scientific inquiry is the basic reason most of us are alive today. Unless this continues vigorously, many of us will not be.
  • jillian shea
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:52 -0700
  • Sean Carpenter
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:47 -0700
    Sean Carpenter
  • Gail Russell
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:41 -0700
  • Maria Romero
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:35 -0700
    Maria Romero
  • leora broche
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:35 -0700
    Truth is Science is everything!
  • Derek C. Foster
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:30 -0700
  • Margot Tollefson/Conard
    signed 2019-03-14 11:08:24 -0700