Tell Trump’s science adviser: do your job!

President Trump clearly doesn’t understand, or want to understand, the existential threat climate change poses to our country and planet. Republican leadership and fossil fuel lobbyists are complicit in a decades-long con game to deceive the American people on the hard truth of global warming.

Kelvin Droegemeier's job as a scientific adviser is to present the administration with accurate information and data. If he is not correcting the misinformation when his boss states that winter storms somehow prove climate change is a hoax, then he is NOT doing his job.

The climate crisis is scientifically proven to be driven by humanity and our industries increasing our carbon footprint. The scientific consensus is clear. Droegemeier's job is to tell the president exactly what meaningful action to solve this crisis would look like. We need a massive sea change in policy to avoid calamity.

He must do his job to gather and present accurate data on climate change. If he doesn't, he will be just one more cog in the system orchestrating a deception the likes of which this nation has not seen since big tobacco.


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Kelvin Droegemeier, science adviser to Trump: Do your job and advise him on climate science!


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Hara Davis
Marilyn Hackett
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Daniel Gallo
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Cathy Caldie
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  • Mary Steedle
    signed 2019-03-22 17:21:42 -0700
    Trump is a pompous ass! He is an idiot to try to convince people

    Much smarter than him that climate change doesn’t exist!

    His equally stupid followers will

    Agree to what ever this barely educated man spouts out of his stupid mouth! Even a middle school student knows more about nature and science than trump does! Trump is so pathetic as a man and especially as a president!

    A normal adult would never spout the stupidity that trump spouts every day ! Where did he go to school? America or Russia? How could he grow up with so little knowledge about science and nature. He’s like the child who closes his eyes so that he doesn’t have to believe that something exists! That is not a good habit to have when

    You want to be a "president’

    My fourth
    grade students knew more about the weather and climate change than Trump ever will! What a pathetic idiot he is!
  • Hara Davis
    signed 2019-03-22 14:46:03 -0700
    K.Droegemeier,Do not waste America’s time and money on fake science.Climate change is real, aided by extractive industries and the greed and stupidity of don trump.Prove you are not a pinnochio and stick up for science and scientists .Show your integrity by protecting our planet and its resources and take a step toward environmental justice.Don’t be afraid.Hara Davis
  • Marilyn Hackett
    signed 2019-03-22 14:11:49 -0700
  • Ed Perry
    signed 2019-03-22 13:51:56 -0700
    Ed Perry
  • Margaret Othrow
    signed 2019-03-22 12:25:00 -0700
  • Daniel Gallo
    signed 2019-03-22 12:10:29 -0700
  • Debra Diaz
    signed 2019-03-22 11:58:52 -0700
    Will someone PLEASE get this president to believe hundreds of scientists on global warming? It’s a MUST to save this planet.
  • Mary Mester
    signed 2019-03-22 11:49:50 -0700
    Are you on a permanent vacation?? Mary Mester
  • Anne-Marie Henkes
    signed 2019-03-22 09:56:18 -0700
  • Julie Ozias
    signed 2019-03-22 09:13:00 -0700
  • Alicia Bawa
    signed 2019-03-22 09:08:25 -0700
  • Cathy Caldie
    signed 2019-03-22 07:22:41 -0700
    Cathy Caldie knows that climate change is real and affecting many citizens across the U.S. and the world. When every country and 98+ scientists say climate change is a fact and back it up with data, you need to do some homework and look at solutions to protect our planet, our children and our future. Many answers exists and you can check out some definite solutions on the Climate Reality Project website.

    The policies and resolutions that the president is signing hurt our people and our environment. He is giving big business and fossil fuel companies the right to our health and safety instead of protecting us. He is giving our public lands away to polluters and our resources to other countries. This has to change.
  • Dawn Dille
    signed 2019-03-22 01:13:46 -0700
    The climate crisis is scientifically proven to be driven by humanity and our industries increasing our carbon footprint. The scientific consensus is clear, please do your job and tell the president exactly what meaningful action to solve this crisis would look like. The time for action is now before it’s too late. Please help save our planet for future generations.
  • Michael Terry
    signed 2019-03-22 01:05:32 -0700
  • Jerene Armendarez
    signed 2019-03-21 22:48:37 -0700
    Jerene Armendarez
  • Adelaide D. Schaaf
    signed 2019-03-21 20:27:48 -0700
  • Pat Staffeldt
    signed 2019-03-21 19:42:58 -0700
    Trump is not an environmental expert.
  • Dorothy Lynn Brooks
    signed 2019-03-21 18:51:01 -0700
  • Joel Johnson
    signed 2019-03-21 18:25:36 -0700
  • Ilene Kazak
    signed 2019-03-21 18:25:32 -0700
    Ilene Kazak
  • Thadeus Dziekonski
    signed 2019-03-21 17:09:31 -0700
  • Archana Narasimhan
    signed 2019-03-21 17:04:05 -0700
  • Tara Showalter
    signed 2019-03-21 15:45:36 -0700
    Tara Showalter
  • Janice Dlugosz
    signed 2019-03-21 15:10:18 -0700
  • M. Lehman
    signed 2019-03-21 15:05:26 -0700
  • DENNIS R. NELSON, Naturalist/Energy-Environmental Researcher Naturalist/Energy-Environmental Researcher
    signed 2019-03-21 12:51:16 -0700
    Last Friday [March 15, 2019], I participated in the “CHICAGO YOUTH CLIMATE STRIKE!” When growing up, I was a junior naturalist/junior scientist. Ever since around the very first “EARTH DAY” (Wednesday, April 22, 1970), I have spent literally thousands of hours in researching, writing, speaking, and organizing about solving a host of environmental problems. At the top of my list is HUMAN-MADE CLIMATE DISRUPTION (labeled the “greenhouse effect” in 1970), which is now our most DEFINING PROBLEM. After almost 49 years of doing this, I AM CONVINCED ABOUT THE SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS ABOUT OUR GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS, AND THE NECESSITY OF ACCEPTING SOUND SCIENCE AS BOTH THE MEANS OF UNDERSTANDING IT AS WELL AS MITIGATING IT (TO AVOID THE MOST SEVERE CONSEQUENCES)!! For example, we require independent research to determine what native (locally bred) seeds will be most adaptable and resilient to a “hotter, thirstier Earth.” [Mark Schapiro, SEEDS OF RESISTANCE: THE FIGHT TO SAVE OUR FOOD SUPPLY, New York, N.Y.: Skyhorse Publishing/Hot Books, 2018, 184 pages.] Continuing on, being soil frozen year-round, permafrost is thawing widely across the Arctic. Microbes are breaking down plant and animal remains in the warming soil, releasing carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere. The Northern Hemisphere permafrost region is vast, and contains about 1,450 billion metric tons of organic carbon which is nearly twice as much carbon as exists in Earth’s atmosphere. Data from numerous sensors suggest that 5-15% of that carbon might escape during this century. At 10%, roughly 130 billion to 160 billon metric tons of carbon would enter the atmosphere, accelerating human-induced climate disruption. Slowing down the overall warming is the best way to prevent the permafrost from heating up. [Ted Schuur, “The Permafrost Prediction,” SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Volume 315, Number 6, December, 2016, pp. 56-61.]
  • Lawrence Jones
    signed 2019-03-21 12:18:06 -0700
  • Jo Ellen Bate
    signed 2019-03-21 11:28:04 -0700
    Jo Ellen D Bate
  • Nancy Hoffman
    signed 2019-03-21 10:15:37 -0700
  • Susannah
    signed 2019-03-21 10:12:05 -0700