Tell Kamala Harris: Don’t skip the September 4 CNN climate town hall

Kamala Harris has been sharp in identifying that climate is not just another issue, it’s a crisis -- but she is one of the very few Presidential candidates who has not released a detailed climate plan. 

(And now she’s declining CNN’s invitation to its climate town hall. Because fundraisers. Seriously.

Fundraisers can be rescheduled. The climate crisis -- and her chance to speak to the American people on her climate plans -- cannot. If Senator Harris’ high dollar donors really believe that climate change is a crisis, they’ll be gracious when she reschedules the fundraiser events to attend the CNN town hall. If they don’t, she shouldn’t be taking money from people who don’t treat the climate crisis seriously.)

Update -- she's listened to us and will attend the September 4 climate town hall!


Senator Harris: (Don’t skip the September 4 CNN climate town hall. ) Thank you for listening to climate hawks!

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