Tell Amy Klobuchar: Stand Against Line 3.

Line 3 is, simply, bad news. The proposed pipeline bisecting Minnesota will carry tar sands oil, the dirtiest oil on earth (up to 37% more carbon intensive than other oil). Building Line 3 would enable the emission of as many greenhouse gasses as 50 coal-fired power plants.

Line 3 is a project of Enbridge, which has a terrible spill record. And it’s not just their older pipelines leaking: 46 of those spills were due to equipment or materials installed 10 years or less prior to the incident.

In fact, Enbridge has clearly failed to demonstrate that this massive increase in oil transportation was needed -- the Minnesota Department of Commerce has adamantly opposed this project throughout the process because the costs to Minnesota far outweigh the benefits.

On top of everything else, Line 3 threatens wild rice beds and treaty territory sacred to the Anishinaabe people. Pipelines threaten the culture, way of life, and physical survival of the Ojibwe people.

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