Tech Giants Must Decide: Fight Climate Change or Undermine Science

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are in hot water for shelling out thousands of dollars to sponsor LibertyCon, a conference for young conservatives and hub for right-wing climate deniers.

While all three tech companies have publicly admitted that climate change is a very real threat, they each donated tens of thousands of dollars to this conference where presenters spread lies on how CO2 emissions decrease poverty and increase life expectancy. Yes, really. They're actively trying to get the public to think increased emissions are good for the environment. You really can't make this stuff up.

These tech giants talk a big game about being good corporate actors, but this sponsorship tells the opposite story. They can't claim to be fighting climate change on a global scale and then turn around and fund climate denial. Join us in demanding that corporations act based on science and fact.

Let Facebook, Google, and Microsoft know: there's no denying climate change is real and your support for organizations who argue otherwise is unacceptable. Sign and share the petition today and tell these companies to stop funding climate denial.

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