#StopPruitt: Demand Senators Reject Trump's Pick for EPA Administrator

To The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump: “Dump Scott Pruitt now. Climate-change denier Scott Pruitt is unfit to head the Environmental Protection Agency. He must resign, be fired by Trump, or impeached by the U.S. Congress.”

UPDATE: Republicans jam through a confirmation vote on Friday, February 16 because thousands of emails between Pruitt and climate polluters are about to be released next week.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt would be a disastrous Environmental Protection Agency Administrator for our climate and our country. As a Republican AG, Pruitt laundered campaign contributions from oil billionaires and frackers into lawsuits against the EPA and the Clean Power Plan. His 2013 campaign co-chairman was right-wing Oklahoma oil billionaire Harold Hamm. While AG, Pruitt headed a Koch-backed oil front group, the "Rule of Law Defense Fund."

Pruitt is a polluter-backed extremist, allied with other climate deniers like Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe. As the fracking industry poisoned the water and created damaging earthquakes in his state, Pruitt did nothing. And he's not just an anti-environmental extremist. He literally stood up for the right of the poultry industry to dump chicken manure into clean water - after taking tens of thousands of dollars from the poultry industry, of course. Pruitt also actively demonizes transgender Americans, leading a national suit attacking President Obama's initiatives to fight discrimination against gay and transgender students. Pruitt poses a threat not only to the mission of the EPA but also to the agency's staffers.

Add your name to call on all Senators to strongly oppose Scott Pruitt’s confirmation. His attacks on the climate, the environment, and civil rights disqualify him from service.

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