Tell Paul Ryan: Stop Lamar Smith's efforts to intimidate Exxon's critics

Exxon is scared and desperate. The oil giant is currently under investigation by three US State Attorneys General for possible fraud based on what Exxon knew about climate change and what they did with that information. And a host of environmental organizations have been digging into Exxon on their own.

To fight back, Lamar Smith (R-TX-21) and the House Science Committee have subpoenaed the State AGs in Massachusetts and New York, along with eight different green organizations. This unprecedented meddling into state investigations is shocking, even for a climate shill like Lamar Smith, who has received $432,150 from the oil & gas industry since 2008.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said “Let’s be frank: The House is broken. We’re not solving problems. We’re adding to them.” It’s time for him to put turn his words into action and fix this problem that Lamar Smith has created. 

Paul Ryan: If you want the House to solve problems, here’s one place to start. It’s time for the House to stop shilling for ExxonMobil. Tell the House Science Committee to retract their subpoenas.


Paul Ryan, tell Rep. Lamar Smith and the House Science Committee to retract their subpoenas of state attorneys general investigating the fossil-fuel industry and organizations critical of ExxonMobil.

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  • Julia Blair
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  • Ronald C Faas
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  • Anne Lorenzo
    signed via 2016-08-23 12:46:26 -0700
    Science is not something up for debate. Science is not an opinion. Science is FACT! For once in your political career PLEASE put the people and the planet as a higher priority than your bank accounts and reelection campaign coffers. Money will not be able to buy your great-great-great-great grandchildren a healthy area of the planet.
  • Elizabeth Floersch
    signed via 2016-08-23 09:54:24 -0700
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    Morena Loomis
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    Erica Brinker
  • Patricia Meriam
    signed via 2016-08-22 11:39:57 -0700
    In case you are not listening, voters are concerned about climate change and most finally understand it is real and due to human folly. Stop fighting us, and start working for the people of this country.
  • joyce james
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    Luranne Drager
  • Martha J Eberle
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  • Doug Prentice
    signed via 2016-08-21 13:38:05 -0700
    The sociopathic insanity of thirty years of climate denial and obstruction boggles the mind and saddens the heart.

    Lord, forgive them. They, sadly, know what they do,and, apparently,care not! Have they no children? No grandchildren? Do they REALLY BELIEVE that money will insulate them from the consequences of rendering the mother planet uninhabitable?

    Repent! Ye Mother Earth Rapers, for business as usual is a Suicide Pact! And, if it SHOULD be the good Lord’s Pleasure, to create a new heaven and earth, as the book of Revelation teaches, do you REALLY THINK there’ll be room there, for the people who trashed the old earth?

    I can’t imagine the Lord is that stupid.
  • Elizabeth MacKelvie
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    Amy Pemberton
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    Crystal Tracy
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    Albert Fonda
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