Stop Big Oil's Climate Bill

California’s landmark climate law is about to be extended - but on terms dictated by Big Oil. California legislators are voting on Monday on AB 398, a bill to extend the carbon cap and trade system from 2020 to 2030. This bill would make it impossible for the state to meet its 2030 climate goals. It’s filled with free allowances for polluters, tax breaks for utilities, and a ceiling on the price on carbon pollution.

Tell your legislators: vote NO on AB 398. It's urgent - the votes are this Monday, July 17.

  1. Look up your legislators’ contact information below.

  2. Your Assemblymember's Sacramento office number is (916) 319-20XX, where XX is the district number, e.g. (916) 319-2001 for Assembly District 1 and (916) 319-2080 for Assembly District 80. Your Senator's Sacramento office number is (916) 651-40XX, where again XX is the district number. Or just click through to this spreadsheet listing everyone's phone numbers, both local and Sacramento.
  3. Pick up the phone and ask your legislators—Assembly and Senate—to vote NO on AB 398.
  • If you’re represented by a Democrat, you can explain: “We need to strengthen climate action, not weaken it. It’s a bad deal for California families even if it’s a good bill for Big Oil. It would prohibit local air quality management districts from setting local regulations on climate pollution. And it's loaded with tax breaks for manufacturers, electric utilities, and agriculture, but it doesn't protect working class Californians from rising gasoline prices. I stand with environmental justice groups who unanimously oppose this bill.”
  • Important note: your Assembly staffer may tell you that the bill passed the Assembly in early June. That bill has been gutted and amended, so just tell the staffer that "that bill has been gutted and amended and is now the cap and trade bill."
  • And if you’re represented by a Republican, you can just ask: “Are you going to vote for Jerry Brown’s cap and trade climate bill?”

Don't forget to email me,, and let me know how it goes. We’re tracking legislators’ position on AB 398, so any response you get is very helpful information.