There’s newly-introduced legislation in Congress that will prevent drilling in the Arctic Ocean. H.R. 309, introduced by Rep. Jared Huffman. 

Drilling in the Arctic would be devastating for the unique, fragile ecosystem and we can’t afford the carbon emissions it would unleash.

The vast majority of Americans stand against drilling in such a special place. We need to speak loud and clear to the Democratic Majority in the House: sponsor the Stop Arctic Ocean Drilling Act (H.R. 309). 

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I urge you to sign on as a cosponsor for HR 309 and protect the fragile Arctic Ocean from oil drilling. There should be no new or renewed leases for the exploration, development or production of oil, natural gas or any other minerals in the Arctic. It would be not only irresponsible, but also devastating for a spill to happen in such a remote and unique ecosystem. Thank you for your time.  


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