Yes on #SB100 - 100 Percent Clean Energy for California

California has long been a leader in clean energy. We now can pass a truly visionary bill: SB 100, moving California to 100 percent renewable and carbon free power by 2045. This is the strongest step we can take as a state to demonstrate our commitment to fighting climate change and improving air quality while continuing to lead on job creation in California.

The current federal government won’t help us - it’ll attack our California values every step of the way. Of course Californians will defend our state. But SB 100 will show the White House that we’re not just resisting - we’re creating a better world. We’ll build an economy running on clean energy. And we’ll bring cleaner air to every Californian. It starts with the Assembly voting YES on SB 100. The bill, authored by Senate climate hawk Kevin de Leon, already passed the state Senate. Now it heads to the Assembly. Your assemblymember needs to hear from you: Yes on SB 100!

Tell California Assemblymembers: vote YES on SB 100 to move California to 100 percent clean energy by 2045!


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