Reject Trump’s Attack on Science

Donald Trump and his lackeys are undermining climate science every chance they get -- from withdrawing from the Paris Accords, to changing the methodology around pollution’s impact on public health, to attacking scientific projections on the far-reaching wrath of the climate crisis. Now he’s proposing to simply stop measuring climate science after 2040, telling homeowners and businesses who make decisions on 30 year terms “you’re on your own.”

Trump doesn’t care about the communities across the country that have been hit by severe drought, wildfires, and storms -- or those that will feel even harsher effects in the coming years. He’s only focused on lining the pockets of the Big Oil execs and coal barons who helped him get elected.

As climate hawks, we know that climate change’s impacts on our economy, health, and planet will be devastating if we don’t change course. Add your name here to reject Donald Trump’s attack on science!

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Science is not up for debate. The climate crisis is here regardless of your administration’s attempted rewrite of facts.

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