President Obama: Make Standing Rock a National Monument

On November 15, Senator Bernie Sanders stood with tribal leaders in front of the White House and said: "I am honored to be with a worldwide community that are demanding the Dakota Access Pipeline not be built. We say to President Obama stop this pipeline in any way you can. Declare Standing Rock a national monument. And to Mr. Trump: We are not going silently into the night. The stakes are too high for the future of this planet."

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We say to President Obama, in any and every way you can, stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Declare the historic treaty lands of the Standing Rock Sioux threatened by the pipeline a federal monument.

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    Karin Lease
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    Dear Presidemt Obama,

    Millions of Americans are very grateful for your huge efforts in initiating federal policies and regulations that will help combat the devastating effects of global climate change on our fragile planet for the sake and survival of future generations. Please further define and expand your lasting Presidential legacy, in protecting the health and well-being of our Native American tribes, and their sacred lands, by declaring the historic treaty lands of the Standing Rock Sioux, a federal monument, thereby preventing the potential destruction and pollution of their lands and rivers caused by a construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Yours truly, Sally Lau
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    Sandra Jacobs
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    Emilie Hermans
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    It is time to stop stealing from the Native Americans. It is their land and should be honored as such.
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    Joanne Zipay
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    Dixie springer
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    Michael Lebednik
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    What’s happening in this country is shameful. Both sides of my family were immigrants, my Father directly escaped persecution in Europe. They’d be rolling over in their graves today.
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    A letter to President Obama- I am ashamed of my country for allowing corporate thugs to assault, attack and injure unarmed, non-violent protesters on their own land. This is Wounded Knee all over again! Are you proud of that? You have done good things,but between standing Rock and the TPP you have undone all the good.These thugs not only need to be stopped but arrested for assault! And President Obama, the old "I’m only doing my job " has already been used by the nazis, so that’s no excuse. What must we look like to the rest of the world? DO SOMETHING NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN AND END YOUR PRESIDENCY ON A GOOD NOTE!
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    linda odegard
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    Steve Mann
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    Audrey Jordan
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    anita scally
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    De Niro and Redford were at the White House to pick up a Medal of Freedom from the President, yesterday. Wonder if they gave their stated position on #nodapl.
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