President Obama: Make Standing Rock a National Monument

On November 15, Senator Bernie Sanders stood with tribal leaders in front of the White House and said: "I am honored to be with a worldwide community that are demanding the Dakota Access Pipeline not be built. We say to President Obama stop this pipeline in any way you can. Declare Standing Rock a national monument. And to Mr. Trump: We are not going silently into the night. The stakes are too high for the future of this planet."

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We say to President Obama, in any and every way you can, stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Declare the historic treaty lands of the Standing Rock Sioux threatened by the pipeline a federal monument.

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  • Edwina Smith
    signed 2016-11-25 13:16:31 -0800
  • mary myers
    signed 2016-11-25 12:23:12 -0800
    The Native Americans have suffered enough at the hands of greedy profiteers throughout history. It is time for this country to say ENOUGH. Make Standing Rock a National Monument.Save the land and the water for all the residents along its course, even if they aren’t smart enough to see what is in their own best interests, We owe our nation a safe unpolluted envirinment.
  • Hayley Stewart
    signed 2016-11-25 09:57:06 -0800
  • William Bacon
    signed 2016-11-25 09:43:58 -0800
  • Michael Almon
    signed 2016-11-25 08:34:06 -0800
    The militarized police brutality against unarmed protesters at Standing Rock should not be allowed, and even more so, should not become what is expected to be the norm with a Donald Drumph Presidency. People of color will be targeted to take the brunt of the repression. Put an immediate end to such violence, cancel all the Dakota Access Pipeline permits, and declare Standing Rock a National Monument.
  • Deborah Homenko
    signed 2016-11-25 07:40:04 -0800
    Please make this happen
  • Donia Connell
    signed 2016-11-25 06:58:31 -0800
    Obama could have done so much more to help the people, but he is of the 1%.
  • Marty Falkenstien
    signed 2016-11-25 06:34:23 -0800
    Marty Falkenstien
  • Sylvia P. Coley
    signed 2016-11-25 04:35:44 -0800
  • Marsha McCroden
    signed 2016-11-24 21:48:50 -0800
  • Vicki Fox
    signed 2016-11-24 20:46:18 -0800
  • Jennifer Pickett
    signed via 2016-11-24 20:26:29 -0800
  • Miguel Liriano
    signed 2016-11-24 18:59:58 -0800
    Miguel Liriano
  • lydia smith
    signed 2016-11-24 18:09:10 -0800
  • Daniel Zelter
    signed 2016-11-24 16:09:49 -0800
  • Erica Brinker
    signed 2016-11-24 14:32:04 -0800
    Erica Brinker
  • Lindsay Gamino
    signed 2016-11-24 12:28:33 -0800
  • Shan Sweeney
    signed 2016-11-24 10:30:40 -0800
  • Shinann Earnshaw
    signed 2016-11-24 09:20:16 -0800
    Stop the DAPL immediately and make this “Standing for Justice” Rock a national monument now.
  • Evan Krichevsky
    signed 2016-11-24 08:52:45 -0800
  • Murrietta Lee
    signed 2016-11-24 08:01:38 -0800
  • Arielle LeClair
    @Moonslippers1 tweeted link to this page. 2016-11-24 07:36:08 -0800
  • Arielle LeClair
    signed 2016-11-24 07:35:58 -0800
  • Sandy Rhein
    signed 2016-11-24 00:22:21 -0800
  • paula cordes
    signed 2016-11-24 00:15:44 -0800
  • Joan Lohman
    signed 2016-11-23 23:36:44 -0800
    this is an excellent idea. I am deeply troubled by Presiden’t Obama’s lack of intervention. At least, calling off the National Guard, sending out an investigative team from the Dept of Justice, calling for a neutral peacekeeping force AND calling a halt to drilling and digging until there is a full environmental study AND exploration of tribal land rights.
  • Deanna Knickerbocker
    signed 2016-11-23 22:44:10 -0800
  • Sally Lau
    signed 2016-11-23 22:18:47 -0800
    Dear Presidemt Obama,

    Millions of Americans are very grateful for your huge efforts in initiating federal policies and regulations that will help combat the devastating effects of global climate change on our fragile planet for the sake and survival of future generations. Please further define and expand your lasting Presidential legacy, in protecting the health and well-being of our Native American tribes, and their sacred lands, by declaring the historic treaty lands of the Standing Rock Sioux, a federal monument, thereby preventing the potential destruction and pollution of their lands and rivers caused by a construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Yours truly, Sally Lau
  • Scott Wood
    signed 2016-11-23 20:59:14 -0800
  • Theresa Billeaud
    signed 2016-11-23 20:04:29 -0800