No More Dirty Fossil-Fuel Money!

CA No Dirty Money
RL Miller of Climate Hawks Vote with the California version of the No Dirty Money pledge

Our democracy is being drowned by a tidal wave of carbon cash. Money from the fossil fuel industry has brought progress on climate action to a standstill. The way we end that is by asking public officials, and candidates running for elected office, to stop taking dirty money from oil, gas, and coal companies. If we join together, we can get our elected officials and candidates to pledge not to take campaign contributions from the fossil-fuel industry: #NoDirtyMoney.

Candidates are already taking localized versions of the pledge in Massachusetts, Virginia, and California.

Add your name to join our national campaign to get our representatives to shut down the dirty-money pipeline. 

To all political candidates:

Pledge not to accept support from the fossil fuel industry and instead to protect the health of our families, our climate, and our democracy.

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