Tell Congress: No Bailouts for Big Oil Faced With Sea Level Rise

Everyone in Congress agrees: something bipartisan needs to be done about infrastructure. Crumbling bridges, decaying roads, water infrastructure — fixing them is good for business, labor, and the American economy. But there’s one kind of infrastructure that doesn’t need taxpayer money: Big Oil refineries threatened by sea level rise.

Yep, after pouring millions of dollars into a disinformation campaign to tell the American people that the seas aren’t rising and if they are it’s not the fault of the oil companies, those same oil companies are now demanding taxpayer bailouts in the form of levees, seawalls, and barriers to protect them from sea level rise.

In Texas right now, they’re seeking to fast track nearly $4 billion in spending by the Army Corps of Engineers to protect the facilities of Chevron, Valero Energy, and Phillips 66, among others.

They don’t deserve a penny.

Tell Congress: Not one penny for infrastructure designed to protect Big Oil’s refineries from sea level rise.

Reference: “Big oil asks government to protect it from climate change," AP

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