Nessel vs Exxon

Exxon knew about climate change in the 1970s. And surprise, surprise, they’ve been lying about it ever since -- they’ve spent tens of millions of dollars over the past forty years funding a climate denial industry that keeps the public in the dark and pressures lawmakers not to fix the problem.

We’re talking about what could be the largest case of fraud in human history.

Now it’s time for newly elected Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, to step up. Attorneys General from New York and Massachusetts have been leading the effort to uncover what Exxon knew -- and it’s time for Nessel to join the fight.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Exxon’s last-ditch appeals to keep their lies to the public private. Michigan needs to join New York and Massachusetts in investigating and holding Exxon accountable.


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  • Brenda Averill
    signed 2019-01-16 12:53:27 -0800
    Brenda J Averill
  • David Borzenski
    signed 2019-01-16 12:53:25 -0800
    David Borzenski
  • Cyrene Aksman
    signed 2019-01-16 12:52:24 -0800
    Cyrene Aksman
  • Linda Wickett
    signed 2019-01-16 12:50:29 -0800
    Linda Wickett
  • Leonard Weber
    signed 2019-01-16 12:50:17 -0800
  • Melissa Sommerfeld
    signed 2019-01-16 12:50:00 -0800
  • Diane Kott
    signed 2019-01-16 12:49:32 -0800
    Diane Kott: It is extremely disappointing to have a major corporation lie about its impact on climate. It is time to hold EXXON accountable. Thank you, Attorneys General, for stepping up to the task. It is long overdue.
  • Jon Vandenbroek
    signed 2019-01-16 12:46:36 -0800
  • Cynthia Dudley
    signed 2019-01-16 12:45:33 -0800
  • Phillip Patzer
    signed 2019-01-16 12:43:54 -0800
  • Mark Johnsen
    signed 2019-01-16 12:43:19 -0800
  • Susan Lovati
    signed 2019-01-16 12:43:10 -0800
  • Suzan Anderson
    signed 2019-01-16 12:41:09 -0800
  • Edmond Hileski
    signed 2019-01-16 12:39:54 -0800
  • ki paul
    signed 2019-01-16 12:39:11 -0800
  • Jon Krueger
    signed 2019-01-16 12:39:09 -0800
    I wouldn’t stop with Exxon. All fossil fuel companies ought to be held to account.
  • Blake Winter
    signed 2019-01-16 12:38:58 -0800
  • Carole Lynne Simpson
    signed 2019-01-16 12:38:26 -0800
  • Lisa Whipple
    signed 2019-01-16 12:37:50 -0800
  • Monte Rogers
    signed 2019-01-16 12:37:43 -0800
  • Terry Huff
    signed 2019-01-16 12:37:00 -0800
  • Christine Herter
    signed 2019-01-16 12:37:00 -0800
    I am counting on you to do right by MI constituents. Hold Exxon accountable.
  • Patricia Murray
    signed 2019-01-16 12:36:49 -0800
  • Lee Engstrom
    signed 2019-01-16 12:36:47 -0800
  • Deborah Balasko
    signed 2019-01-16 12:36:22 -0800
    We must make Exxon make public all the information their scientists knew about the damage to our environment and how the climate would change for the entire planet.
  • Nancy Richmond Nancy
    signed 2019-01-16 12:34:55 -0800
    The time for action is now, Mr. Nessel. An investigation initiated by you and carried out by you and your staff needs to begin now. Please step up and investigate fully. Find the answers and hold Exxon accountable
  • Charla Micallef
    signed 2019-01-16 12:34:54 -0800
    Charla Micallef,
  • Steven Van Grouw
    signed 2019-01-16 12:34:53 -0800
    AG Dana Nessel,

    It appears that it’s time for you to check into some shady dealings involving Exxon. I’m not familiar with all of the details but I think it’s a serious problem worthy of your immediate attention.

    Steven Van Grouw

    Holland, MI
  • Karla Hair
    signed 2019-01-16 12:33:59 -0800
  • Marla Andersen
    signed 2019-01-16 12:33:01 -0800
    Marla Andersen