Delivering 350K signatures today to DOJ: How Climate Hawks Vote ignited a national movement to prosecute Exxon



Climate Hawks Vote (CHV), the first organization to call for a federal investigation of ExxonMobil for its history of climate deceit, is part of a broad coalition delivering over 350,000 signatures to the Department of Justice today.  Brad Johnson, CHV national political director, will be speaking at the delivery event.

“The campaign to prosecute Exxon’s climate deception could be the climate movement’s next big win after our Keystone XL victory,” said Brad Johnson. “Climate Hawks Vote is committed to leading the fight to bring Exxon to justice.”

"All fifty states are now suffering damages from Exxon Mobil's greenhouse pollution, from sea level rise to wildfires, floods, and drought,” said RL Miller, President of Climate Hawks Vote. “The Department of Justice must investigate Exxon knew and what Exxon did, and then prosecute Exxon's deliberate climate denial. If Attorney General Loretta Lynch fails to act, then our state attorneys general must step up to protect the American people."

Who: Leaders from Climate Hawks Vote, Moms Clean Air Force,, more
What: Investigate Exxon: Petition Delivery to the Department of Justice
Where: Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC
When: Thursday November 19th, 2:30pm

Climate Hawks Vote has been at the vanguard of the Exxon campaign:

  • Providing key insights to InsideClimate News for its groundbreaking reporting
  • Launching the first petition calling for a DOJ investigation
  • Working with Rep. Ted Lieu of California on the first Congressional letter to the DOJ

 Climate Hawks Vote’s original petition announcement, 9/22/15.

Climate Hawks Vote’s call for investigation by state attorneys general, 10/28/15.



About Climate Hawks Vote: We're a grassroots-funded organization building political power for the climate movement. Hatched in 2014, we endorsed 17 candidates and won 11 of those races. We hold politicians accountable through a sophisticated scorecard tracking not only votes, but also leadership and public engagement on climate. Our board of directors includes Bill McKibben and Jigar Shah.

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