Hillary Clinton: Reject Fossil Fuel Contributions

At a Hillary Clinton rally on March 31, the presidential candidate lost her patience with a young Greenpeace activist, who thanked Clinton for her commitment to climate change and then asked her whether she'll reject fossil-fuel money. Pointing her finger at the activist, Secretary Clinton said she was "so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me."

In fact, she is the only Democratic candidate who has not signed the Fix Democracy pledge rejecting fossil-fuel money, and her campaign and super PACs have received millions of dollars from fossil-fuel lobbyists and investors. Watch:

Clinton can show strong climate leadership by taking a clear stand against the dirty fossil-fuel interests investing in climate destruction.

Sign below to add your name asking Hillary Clinton to reject fossil-fuel money:

"Refuse money from fossil-fuel interests and champion a people-powered democracy."


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    Martha Hauer
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    The Southern California gas leak shows that natural gas is not a “clean” fuel and no “safe and responsible” plan can make it so, because the industry obviously doesn’t care about being safe and responsible.
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    While I believe that any individual should be able to donate their $2700 to any group they want, I firmly oppose both bundling and massive contributions to Super PACs. The idea that these are somehow “not Clinton’s money” is outrageous. She should inform any SuperPAC working for her that she does not want this kind of money — or better yet, drop the Super PACs entirely.
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    Sign the petition: Hillary Clinton: Reject Fossil Fuel Contributions
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    That means lobbyists too Hillary!
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    No SuperPACs, no wall street money, and no fossil fuel money! #Feelthebern
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    Lawrence Logue
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    The only sensible approach to addressing our climate change challenge is “leave it in the ground”. This is radically opposite what the oil and gas industry, as well as nearly every Republican, wants the American public to know. A democratic leader should lead by accepting this truth and accepting what scientists have known for many years. Climate change will fuel terrorism and create resource wars in the near future. There is no time to wait. No democratic candidate should be accepting money from the oil and gas industry.
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    Donye Sacco
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    Nancy Lee
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    Jonathan Gottlieb
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    If fossil fuel money is such a small part of your overall funding, why take it at all? This industry is systematically destroying the climate and lying about it. They do not deserve a place at your table. Reject the money and end all questions about your relationship with this industry.
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    Please Stop Taking $$$$ from these Fossil-Fool Interests & really start caring about our environment before it’s too late!! How much $$$ do you really Need!!! Is it worth destroying our World! & Please stop Lying!!
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    It is important to our children’s future for your campaign to disconnect from reliance on donations from corporate and packs that represent in any way fossil fuel interests that may diminish your commitment to taking on climate disruption as the existential threat and the immediacy of the need for dramatice action to reduce fossil fuel emission, primarily CO2 & CH4.
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