Dirty air hurts every American. Clean air is essential to life. By aligning itself with fossil fuel lobbyists, Trump's EPA is violating its core responsibility — protecting our environment.

The EPA is officially repealing Obama-era car emission standards dedicated to preserving clean air and protecting our environment. And not only is Trump destroying these protections on the national level, he’s also blocking tougher protections used by California and 13 other states representing one-third of the American auto market.  

Make no mistake, this is a war on the right of states -- and people -- to breathe clean air. Trump claims to stand for states’ rights when those rights overlap with the fossil fuel industry. When it’s the right of a state, like California and Pennsylvania, to demand clean air… meh.

It's time to take a stand, and end Trump's assault on our climate. Add your name to demand Congress stop this climate protection rollback »

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