Call Out the Heartless Politicians Who Denied Climate Disaster Relief

In the wake of hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars of damage from climate disasters including hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida, and the wildfires devastating California, 121 Republicans voted against disaster relief for the survivors. Let them know we will remember their heartless votes on Election Day.

Refs: House RC#480House RC#566, Senate RC#192

To the Members of Congress who voted against climate disaster relief:

"I condemn your heartless actions. Scientists predicted decades ago that unregulated climate pollution would lead to the death and mass suffering of our fellow Americans from more extreme storms, floods, and fires. It is our duty to care for our fellow citizens when disaster strikes. If you are concerned about how to pay for the rising costs of climate disasters, then raise taxes on the fossil-fuel billionaires who profit from polluting our climate. I will remember your votes on Election Day."

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