Demand Facebook end its contract with climate denying CheckYourFact


Facebook: End your contract with climate denying CheckYourFact!

Climate deniers even get their own facts on Facebook -- at least until the wave of reality drowns them out. After Facebook has been, quite correctly, criticized for computer-driven algorithms promoting climate denial and other anti-science, the company outsourced the job of “human being fact checker” to something called CheckYourFact, offspring of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and funded by the Koch brothers.

CheckYourFact can’t possibly be objective. It’s an arm of the Daily Caller, a right wing site founded by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. The Daily Caller started up with funds from climate science denier Foster Friess and has been, over the years, funded by the Koch Brothers.

Facebook is the world’s largest disseminator of news. Instead of educating climate deniers about the real state of climate science, it’s hiring conservative fake “fact checkers” to kowtow to those deniers. It needs to be socially responsible in the kind of news it permits to be shared -- and that means dropping CheckYourFact.

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Facebook: End your contract with climate denying CheckYourFact!

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