Jerry Brown, Stop Taking Climate Negotiating Points from Chevron

Jerry Brown, Chevron StenographerCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown has spent his last few weeks flying around the world and collecting accolades for his climate activism, but at home he’s been working to undercut a state bill to improve and extend California’s landmark climate law - by using Chevron’s wish list.

Yep. California’s climate leader is acting as the stenographer for Chevron.

AB 32, California’s landmark climate law, expires in 2020 and everyone says they want to extend it - but some are more sincere than others. This spring, Latham and Watkins, the expensive law firm working for Western States Petroleum Association (Chevron and its cohorts) put together its wish list for cap and trade reform: end the program by 2030, keep the allowances cheap at $12-50/ton (and even continue to give away some free allowances), bar local air districts from creating greenhouse gas regulations for local air quality tougher than California state regulations, and make it easier for polluters to buy offsets out of state. Oh, and they’d include detailed monitoring of toxins at refineries and other large polluters so that (mostly poor minority) people would know just how much deadly crap they breathe in every day.

Meanwhile, state senate Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon and state senator Bob Wieckow