Tell the Senate: Hold a hearing on Barry Myers at NOAA!

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a critical agency that studies physical science, the atmosphere, and the climate. It is a vital agency that helps a variety of facets of American life function -- transportation, agriculture, and even basic weather forecasting. The head of this agency should be someone dedicated to upholding the mission of accurate science and data. Unfortunately -- but not surprisingly -- Donald Trump has appointed someone patently unqualified to head NOAA: former AccuWeather CEO Barry Myers.

Beyond his obvious lack of scientific expertise, Barry Myers has a long history of trying to privatize the National Weather Service, which provides free weather updates to the public and competes with AccuWeather’s business model, to help his bottom line. At AccuWeather, he also led a culture of sexual harassment and intimidation against female employees.

Nominees to important positions like NOAA aren’t supposed to be confirmed without the advice and consent of the Senate -- and that means a hearing where Senators can ask him public questions. However, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation sent Myers's nomination to the full Senate for a vote without even a committee hearing!

Sign our petition today to tell the Senate to hold a hearing on Barry Myers as the head of NOAA.


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Senator — I urge you to hold a hearing before voting on the nomination of Barry Myers to lead NOAA.


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