Ban Fracking in the Democratic Party Platform

Update: Read the final text of the 2016 Democratic Platform. Read about how Climate Hawks Vote and allies confronted Democratic leaders at the Democratic National Convention on fracking.

Fracking is a type of drilling that injects millions of gallons of hydraulic fluids — a mixture of chemicals, water and sand — into a well to create pressure that cracks open rock underground, releasing natural gas or oil. This process can deplete and contaminate local water, damage the environment and threaten public health. 

The fugitive methane pollution from the hydrofracturing process is accelerating global warming. On a national scale, a growing body of scientific evidence is building that the climate benefits of switching from coal to natural gas were a total mirage, with the catastrophic Porter Ranch methane blowout the most visible and extreme example of a nationwide surge in methane leakage as a result of the domestic fracking boom promoted by the Bush and Obama administrations. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide on a twenty-year timespan. 

The Democratic Party needs to take a clear stand against dirty energy and for a climate-safe future - the party platform should call for an immediate moratorium on fracking everywhere.

To Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair and Delegates of the 2016 Democratic National Convention:

Make a ban on fracking for natural gas an official plank of the 2016 Democratic Party platform.

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    We cannot allow our water supplies to be poisoned!
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    I don’t believe for one second Hilary Clinton will honor anything in the Democratic Platform. I don’t expect her to become president anyway so I guess that works. Hilary’s plan is to increase fracking.. that would be a disaster for our country. IF WE CAN"T VOTE BERNIE, WE WILL VOTE JILL STEIN!!! Establishment TAKE NOTE!
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    Our energy, laws and money should be directed toward green energy and fighting climate change!
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    No Fracking. No TPP vote.
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    Fracking is a danger to all inhabitants of the planet.
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    Fracking is putting our water supply at risk, as well as endangering geologic stability. The process is causing air pollution and the escape of methane. So there you have it: air, land, water all expendable for corporate profits.

    In addition, I have heard that so much of this volatile product is stored at one site that the entire area is at risk for explosion.

    And then there are the the derailed oil trains/leaking pipelines that damage our communities. Lots of risks, and only oil companies making a profit over our dead bodies if necessary. How about investigating their malfeasance and charging them with racketeering for the lies they have told for decades?
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    I just called on Democrats to ban fracking in the Democratic Party Platform!
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    Elizabeth Layfield
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    I’m a business owner and small investor who has owned stock in several oil companies, but it’s time to make a switch to clean energy. Yes, I’m proud to sign this petition. Just do it. Delton Johnson,