Ask House Democrats to investigate Arctic drilling work during Trump's shutdown

A 19th Century law prohibits federal employees from working when Congress hasn’t appropriated funding. Within the Department of the Interior, national parks are being trashed and vandalized and even shut down; all eight Climate Science Adaptation Centers are shuttered; the Fish & Wildlife Service has furloughed 84 percent of its employees; the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management can’t work on a wind farm off the Massachusetts coast; and the Bureau of Land Management is supposed to be shut down. But BLM employees working on Arctic drilling -- permitting and leasing of oil reserves -- are moving ahead. So it’s time for House Democrats to investigate why Trump’s BLM is apparently cherrypicking which work gets done under a shutdown, and whether work promoting Arctic drilling during the shutdown is legal.

Rep. Raul Grijalva: investigate whether Arctic drilling work during Trump’s shutdown is legal.

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