* Voting will take place at ClimateHawksVote.com/2016vote

* Sec. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders are on the ballot

* The endorsement threshold is a 75% supermajority of all votes cast

* All people concerned about climate change are encouraged to cast their ballot

* The voting hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere: #ClimatePrimary.

* Voting begins on Thursday, March 3, 2016 and ends at 11:59pm ET on Tuesday, March 8.

* Results will be announced following a security audit of the votes cast.

If a candidate achieves supermajority support, we will campaign vigorously on our members' behalf to highlight the climate plans for their chosen candidate. Funds we raise will be used on grassroots organizing and voter education. CHV Political Action will also continue to mobilize on behalf of our endorsed climate leaders down the ticket. We will run a 100% fact-based, pro-climate campaign to ensure the eventual Democratic nominee is in a position to win.

Return to ClimateHawksVote.com/2016vote.

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