I care about the climate, and I vote.

Climate Hawks Vote

Our goal remains steadfast: to elect climate hawk leaders - those who prioritize and speak on the climate crisis. We don't support those who avoid issues such as Keystone XL, Arctic drilling, and coal exports. Climate change is the greatest challenge facing ours and future generations, not just another Democratic issue, but too many politicians are afraid to talk about it.

Waffling on carbon pollution and voting for fossil fuels should be as unacceptable as voting against a woman's right to choose. We don't tolerate elected officials and candidates taking money from tobacco companies who profit from human suffering and death; we shouldn't tolerate them taking money from coal, oil, and gas companies whose business plan is to cook the planet.

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Prosecute Exxon

Sign our petition - prosecute Exxon for deliberate and malicious climate deception.

Our Senate Scorecard

Our first scorecard measuring leadership by Senate Democrats on climate and clean energy has hatched! This sophisticated scorecard quantifies who’s leading on climate - who’s engaging the public at town halls, authoring strong bills, writing op-eds in the local paper, and showing up for the local wind farm ribbon cutting - to go beyond who’s voting which way on the very few bills making it out of Senate gridlock.

Look Up Your State 

Unlike other groups' scorecards measuring how Senators voted, we track how Senators lead.

Scores range from +100 to -100 for each session of Congress since 2011.



Get the Complete Scorecard

Our detailed scorecard breaks down each Senator's record for each session of Congress and includes notes on strengths and weaknesses.

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